You are the single mom feeling lonely? Don’t worry, Dogs can be your friends…

Dogs are certainly out best friends; living with a dog will create a deep bond between the two of you, and you’ll share a relationship that will bring you many mental and physical benefits. If you have children at home, having a dog will help them learn about commitment, responsibility and caring.In this article we’ll explain all the benefits that you can get should you decide to adopt a dog and enjoy life by their side. Read on and discover the 5 benefits of having a dog; we hope we will convince you to adopt a dog from a shelter or pound, as they really need you.

1. You will never feel alone

Whether you live alone or not, your dog will be the first to greet you when you get home – even if you have only been out for 30 minutes. Your dog will be the happiest to see you return, and they will show it to you by covering you with kisses, getting excited and even a friendly bark.

Dogs do not enjoy being alone; the best gift you can give them is your return. Sometimes, if they are left alone for too long, dogs may develop separation anxiety. Having a dog has many benefits, but you should not get one if you cannot spend enough time with them.

2. Dogs help you get fit

Dogs need to be walked! Some very nervous ones even need active exercise with you to keep fit and release stress or anxiety. If you are an active person and enjoy taking care of your body, having a dog will help. If you have sedentary habits, having a dog will bring you many health benefits and make you get moving.

Depending on the age and type of dog you adopt they will have one set of exercise needs or another. Stay with us at AnimalWised and discover how often should you walk your dog.

3. Dogs will make you laugh

Dogs are very funny animals: watching them communicate with each other and howl when they hear an ambulance is truly funny. If you decide to adopt a dog you will certainly enjoy a lifelong partner with whom you can laugh non-stop every day of your life.

When a dog trusts you, they will let you do almost anything – even dress them up in Star Wars costumes, for instance! Your dog may even become an Instagram or YouTube star – keep your camera at hand!

4. Your dog will wake you up every morning

Dogs are almost like clocks. Once they get used to your personal routine you will notice that they start waking you up in the morning, reminding you to take them out for a walk or that it is time to eat. One of the benefits of having a dog is that you also get a personal assistant!

5. Your dog will be your children’s best friend

Many people are afraid about how a dog will react to the arrival of a baby or how they will relate to children in general. With the exception of very specific cases, dogs are certainly the best friends that your children could have.

Dogs have a sixth sense and understand that these are “human puppies”, and so they usually treat the little ones with patience and kindness. However, before bringing a dog home or before the birth of a baby you should first read our tips to prevent jealousy between a dog and a child.

These are 5 of the benefits of having a dog. Have we missed any? Tell us about your experience.

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